Terms & Conditions
No account is opened unless particulars have been verified & accepted in writing.
New clients opening accounts are to be C.O.D. basis for a three month period.
Accounts are strictly 30 days.
Any account which has not been paid at the 30 day period is automatically closed until payment is received.
Returns are NOT ACCEPTED for:
Goods purchased during a sale period or on special.
Second quality products.
All decorative items i.e. borders and decorative features.
Any item not held in stock.
Goods for return will only be accepted at the discretion of Management & subject to the following conditions.
A 20% handling charge is applicable on the sale price.
a) Returned goods within 14 days of the date of invoice.
b) Goods must be of the same tonality as in stock.
c) Goods must be in original cartons and unopened packs.
d) Goods must be accompanied by an invoice number.
e) Returning of stock will be at the client’s responsibility.

No tiles are guaranteed against crazing nor can any guarantee be given which is in excess of that given by the individual manufacturer.

Goods must be checked on delivery or pick-up otherwise no claims will be accepted after goods received.

Delivery only applies for metropolitan Area- minimum charge $55.00
Unload distance no greater than 5 metres from the truck.

All goods must be inspected for defects before fixing.


No responsibility will be accepted by Lexatonia Tiles for damage which occurs from the use of acids in cleaning tiles.

Shade variation from shipment to shipment may occur and all goods to be inspected before fixing. Lexatonia Tiles accept no responsibility in respect of any minor variations between samples shown to the buyer and actual tiles supplied.

No refund of deposit is given on cancellation of orders placed.

Measurements calculated from house plans or dimensions is done as a service only. We accept no responsibility for shortages or surplus. Surplus returns are subject to the return conditions above.